Pescapuerta is back on the podium in Alimarket’s ranking of frozen seafood traders, published last June in their frozen goods special. The company has achieved an all-time sales record with a turnover of €249 million, which represents a 16% increase on the previous year.

In terms of volume, the news is even more positive, with an increase of 21% compared to 2017, reaching 80.901 tonnes of produce sold. Our star products, Patagonian squid, Cape hake and Argentine prawn are the species that account for the greatest volume.

As well as the strong performances by Loligo Seafood and Fortitude Fishing, Elmar Frozen Food has also played a key role. The company markets the Elmar brand and is mostly focused on the Food Service channel. 

As regards strategy for the coming years, the group is seeking to consolidate the sales of its new product lines through trade agreements with the source providers and continue to expand the Elmar Frozen Food marketing brand.